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Is Free Hosting Worth your time?

Free Hosting

People always want freebies. Many companies also do offer these in the hosting businesses but the million dollar question is, is it merely charity or there are some strings attached?. Below you will discover everything you need to know.


In order for you to understand about free hosting I will give you a little enlightenment. Most usually companies will give free hosting but in return they will have to put advertisements on your website. Some do not put advertisements but they will ask you to buy a premium package when your site start getting much traffic. So what these companies are attracting the people they think as potential customers. Top free hosting companies include, 00webhost, x10hosting and 5gbfree.


The first obvious advantage of free hosting is its free. You are getting a certain service which most people pay for at no cost at all. As most people want freebies I think free hosting can really be the answer. Most bloggers want to start blogging at no cost and upgrade later as they progress so this can be the answer.

If you are a newbie free hosting can help as an experimenting ground. I think getting a paid hosting before you know how to create or manage a website can be a waste of special time and resources. So what free hosting does is it gives you a chance to improve your blogging skills before moving on to paid hosting.


The biggest problem which most people encounter when using free hosting are account closures. Most free hosting companies will close your account if your site starts getting much traffic. This means that at one point all your hard work will be laid to waste. You can also be asked to upgrade your account to premium which means that as soon as you start to progress your hosting will be suspended till you have paid the premium fee.

Free hosting accounts also have security issues. Many companies like 00webhost and x10hosting are reported to be hacked from time to time making them dangerous to use. Most usually customers info like passwords and usernames will find their way into the hands of hackers.

As a result if you had like to try out web-making, it is advisable to use free hosting for all your experimenting. However if you had like to do something professional please buy your hosting from trusted companies like 1&1, Interserver Webhosting, and Bluehost. Paid hosting always have better security, low site downtimes and quality customer care.If  have financial problems, it is advisable to use free services like Blogger.

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